Please listen to this recording, prayer spoken by Apostle Bacer J. Baker, from Heaven, at 5:00AM in California, on July 4, 2024

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Optimize Your Brain

Dr. Bacer J. Baker (also known as The Laughing Doctor) is the founder of BJCC Counseling Services, and the creator of ClickBrain, both based in Northern California.

A power-filled author, therapist, serial entrepreneur, mentor, talkshow host, and coach, she incorporates her God-given gifts and talents into all that she says and does. Dr. Baker is a mentor and coach to business and ministry leaders, as well as entrepreneurs and aspiring wealth creators. Dr. Baker specializes in helping people get “unstuck”, continually coaching her clients to unstoppable success.

Watch and Listen to her life giving broadcasts on https://youtube.com/@dr.bacerbaker-clickbrain

and then join the next Challenge https://www.optimizeyourbrainchallenge.com/now-challenge-start?am_id=frederick722


COMMUNION has been working with KINESIS MONEY since its launch in 2019. Kinesis is a global monetary system, based on a 1:1 allocation of physical gold and silver. Through digitizing physical gold and silver on the blockchain, Kinesis users trade, spend & send precious metals – alongside digital assets. Kinesis believes money should be better. Money should be fair, transparent, and backed by real assets with tangible value. 

Kinesis has combined the timeless value of physical gold and silver – stored securely in fully insured vaults – with the latest blockchain technology. KINESIS MONEY is a digital currency with the everyday utility of a fiat currency; the borderless value and efficiency of a cryptocurrency, and none of the inherent volatility. 

Through the Kinesis platform users can spend gold and silver via debit card; access secure bullion ownership, without storage fees, and instantly trade precious metals against popular fiat. What makes the Kinesis Monetary System unreplicable, is users earn yields for each of these interactions with the platform.

Please tour the KINESIS MONEY website https://kinesis.money/. After touring the KINESIS MONEY website, if KINESIS MONEY is a tool you would like to use, please sign up by using COMMUNION’s referral link 


Should you desire to produce more income and become a KINESIS MONEY PARTNER; please contact Keri Hutton, she serves as Partner Manager. We work together. 

Thank you

Keri Hutton | Partner Manager
a: 27 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AX
e: keri.hutton@kinesis.money | w: www.kinesis.money
m:+44 20 3835 6139

COMMUNION and Triple Cyber Information Security

How Triple Cyber Information Security helps protect businesses and organizations is excellent. Triple Cyber Information Security is helping to protect Israel’s infrastructure, such as water and transportation. 

One of Triple Cyber Information Security’s best solutions is its 24 hour a day, 7 day a week Security Operations Center. TripleCyber Information Security also has several, very effective, low cost solutions for businesses with a minimum of fifty (50) employees.

Highly trained people, who do not rely on artificial intelligence, nor rely on computers alone, are committed to helping protect people and infrastructure, thus saving lives.



AnyLog is a private cloud that uses no code. AnyLog transforms the edge to a virtual cloud such that distributed Edge data is managed with 100% automation and is available in real-time (to edge and cloud apps) without centralizing the data.

Most companies and governments manage their edge data using proprietary software at the edge and moving the data to the cloud. This is not good.

AnyLog provides software that processes edge data with 100% automation and services the data to the applications, in real time, from the edge, without the need to move the data to the cloud. Companies and governments can better secure the data, and protect people and vital infrastructure.

AnyLog is also an enabler to artificial intelligence because processing is done at the edge. AnyLog is being used to manage all kinds of data (voice, video, documents) as a single unified collection of data, without centralizing the data. AnyLog is being used to bring in the kingdom of Heaven, and stop evil.



SayVU (Pronounced SAVE YOU) is a personal safety application and safe city platform. SayVU is compatible with Apple iOS, Android mobile devices, and “smart” watches.

With the shake of the phone or speaking into the phone, for example (a child) in distress can send a detailed alert to the proper authorities, cutting down response time and eliminating misinformation.

SayVU automatically records and transcribes the user’s voice, using artificial intelligence (AI) to determine the details of the emergency, based on what is spoken and what is seen. These recordings are sent to nearby authorities, such as the police.

SayVU… When Every Second Counts https://www.sayvu.com/

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