Doing the work of the kingdom of GOD

“Our lives are truly not our own”⁠

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Optimize Your Brain

Dr. Bacer J. Baker has been helping people for 40+ years to break free from destructive mindsets. She helps empower individuals by optimizing their brain health, and by optimizing their brain health, peoples lives are optimized.

We encourage you to use the link at the end of this message and then read the information on Dr. Baker’s Optimize Your Brain website. Read about who Dr. Baker is, and learn about what she does, before you do anything. This is important. This is about you and your life.

Dr. Bacer J. Baker has been helping people for 40+ years to break free from destructive mindsets. Let her help you optimize your brain.

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It’s her way of recognizing and thanking Frederick Johnson, who also serves as one of four (4) principals in COMMUNION, along with Dr. Baker, Lonzine Lee, and Patricia Johnson for helping her reach more people, so they can OPTIMIZE THEIR BRAINS.

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It’s all about THE KINGDOM

⁠”What the heart of THE FATHER wants us to hear, wants us to live, walk in, to release, into our environment… Your will being done. Your kingdom bein’ released, Your will manifesting, Your power, Your authority, Your goodness is released in the Earth.”⁠

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Because You say so. Because You said so. Because You are Our Father

“You created a Heaven for Yourself, a place, a country, a land, an invisible place, an invisible country; and then You created a visible country, a visible land, a visible creation, to look like the invisible, and then You put visible people, made like You, in this visible place, so that Your invisibleness could be visible-ized, or visualized, in this place called Earth.”

“We Your sons, we Your people, we Your kings, we Your priests, we, count it a privilege to do Your will. To have Your will manifest on Earth, just like it is in Heaven.”

“I pray that we get this today, that I have GOD eyes. I have GOD hearing. I have GOD understanding. I have GOD’s power and authority that He gave me in the Earth, and He told me, I want you to use this authority, and I want you to make it like I see it. I want you to make this Earth, this place, this place you live on, I want you to make it like it is in Heaven. I want you to bring forth what it is in Heaven in to this Earth.

But you have to walk in the Spirit, you have to live a life out of the Spirit. You have to live a life that is not a religious life. Live a life that is a manifesting life. To live a life that does not beg, or cry, or anything, for anything, because every thing is there for you.

You get to possess everything, in its time. You get to change things, and it’s because of what it is that I allow you to see; the pictures that you have, that you can actually see Heaven here on Earth, that you can actually see where Heaven is.

Because I told you that I want you to make My kingdom come, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

If I didn’t give you sight to see what Heaven is like, so that you can bring to Earth My character. Heaven is My character. Heaven is my intellect. Heaven is Me. Heaven is Me GOD!”

“So You created the heavens, these Heavenly places, so that we, being in You, via Jesus, in Christ, next to You. Which means, having access to Your mind, that we can operate, through the being, the invisible being of You, in Jesus, Your mind, being in us.

Because, this is the part of You, that is, in us, this kingdom, called the Holy Spirit, is in us, so that we can think like You, do like You, speak like, with Your authority, so that Earth produces what it is in Heaven”

“Every person, all the billions of people, that are in the Earth, have the opportunity, to become a son of GOD, to become an heir of GOD, a joint heir, working in Heaven and Earth from the inside out, with Jesus, to rule and reign with Jesus in the Earth”

Listen to this 50 minute and 46 second podcast from our 5AM morning prayer with Our Father, with Apostle Baker and other sons of GOD, and please send this to other people who you know.

Because You say so. Because You said so. Because You are Our Father

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The whole picture of the kingdom of GOD is changed

⁠There are so few people… that truly live THE KINGDOM LIFE

“You let us know, you’re in this world, your body is in this world, but you are not of this world. You didn’t come from this world. You came from Heaven… You were deployed, into this Earth, into a body, just as I came. I came into a body… So you are in this Earth, but you are not of it… It is your duty, it is your responsibility to walk in the wealth of THE KINGDOM… The Earth is THE LORD’s and EVERYTHING in it. I AM THE LORD OF THE EARTH, and everything and everyone in it… There is a group of people that will understand what THE KINGDOM OF GOD looks like”

Listen to this 1 hour 2 minute and 11 second podcast


In You there is One New Man – Constantly releasing from that Heavenly place into this physical place here in the Earth, where You are in us and where we operate as that whole person – It’s supposed to be a constant thing – Truly the kingdom will manifest in us, on Earth as it is in Heaven – That the life we live, is the life You intended – Where You Jesus, Where You The Messiah, Where You Father, Son, Holy Spirit will be operating, in and through these bodies in the manner You intended

Please listen to the this 8 minute and 11 second recording uploaded as a podcast on Spotify

“This is Your prayer time Holy Spirit”

“GOD created creation. It is not good for mankind to be alone… There’s many members in My body. I put them together… My kingdom, those that do the will of My Father whose in Heaven, that’s the family I sent you to work with, to speak My word in its season, to do what I want done.”

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