In the kingdom

Humbling, heard yesterday morning. The words still speak. Please, listen.

“You desire that the kingdom of God, the good news of the kingdom, be taken into all the world. So that they can know, how great Your love is.

That there is a kingdom, beyond this world.

And the culture of that kingdom, the declaration of dependence upon You, and the constitution of that kingdom is more powerful than any constitution on this Earth.

That the power to protect, The power and the ability to provide is greater,

– There is never any recession

– There is never any deficit

– There is never any lack

– There is never, ever, in that kingdom,

– There is no sickness

– There is no disease

Because there is no hatred.” – Dr. Bacer J Baker

Please listen to Dr. Bacer J Baker’s voice.

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Dr. Baker definitely provokes you to think. She said something last night, it is a call to action for all of us.

“And one of the things that’s in the Declaration of Independence, it says, that, this is self evident, self evident that we’re all created. That’s the part that I’m talking… It’s self evident that you’re created. 

To deny your creation, to deny that you were thought about, to deny, that; there had to be someone, who thought about you, and who created you, is nothing more than blindness.

And so, I would like, for all of us; to really take, what’s going on in our lives right now… 

You are your brother’s keeper. And what’s going on with all of these other people, what’s going on in the world, it does, it does affect you. Because what happens to others affects us… How is that? 

There was that person that I was meant to minister to, there was that person that I was meant to help, but I was so in me, and how it is that I do things, that I forgot about how God does things.” – Dr. Bacer J. Baker

Tuesday Night Chat with Dr. B. Baker (Really Telling It Like It Is)

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The Language of the Kingdom.

Yesterday, during the Biblical Solutions For Life Workshop, Pastor Lonzine Lee from Astounding Love! A Global Church Fellowship taught us about,

The Language of the Kingdom. “The language of the Kingdom, spoken in every dialect, every tongue.”

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“THE WHOLE BIBLE IS IMPORTANT… No human government gives me my rights”

“No government gives me my rights. No human government gives me my rights. The government of the kingdom of God has given me my rights.” – Taught by Apostle Dr. Bacer J. Baker

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“The only truth is God. There is no other source of truth.”

Last night I watched a television show and heard these words, “The only truth is God. There is no other source of truth.” This has changed my direction. I watched the rest of the show and I am glad that I did.

Please take a moment to watch or listen to this show, today or tomorrow. It has been uploaded to multiple platforms.

People are dying every day. This is not new. What is new, is how I heard what was said during this television show.

This show will give you hope, and so much more. I hope that you will watch it, over and over and over again, and that you will tell other people to do the same. This is not about being viral. This is about LIFE. The only true life.

Kingdom 202 School of Prophetic & Supernatural Ministry taught by Pastor Lonzine Lee

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COMMUNION tells people that the kingdom of Heaven is here, by using the Internet, Television and Wireless communications.

“God has a word for that.”

Whatever you’re experiencing, God has a word for that. Please watch or listen to Biblical Solutions For Life. Session 1

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Taught by Pastor Lonzine Lee… Send questions to Astounding Love! A Global Church Fellowship

An Apology

My name is Frederick Johnson. I serve as one of four principals in COMMUNION. I speak with many business people, and owe you all an apology. 

I haven’t told you the truth.

Whenever we borrow money, it makes us a servant, to the lender.

I was reading the Bible today. It says, “And you shall remember the Lord your God, for He who gives you power to get wealth.” I was also reminded that it is written in the book of Romans, “…the same Lord over all is rich to all who call upon Him.”

I apologize to you all; individual business owners, those who are leaders and members of Merchant Associations, Chambers of Commerce, and all who are members in the investment community.

“…the same Lord over all is rich to all who call upon Him.”

Please, ask the Lord. Jesus himself will give you power to get wealth.