“This is what Hitler did.”

Excerpt from last Tuesday’s, Tuesday Night Chat with Dr. B. Baker. Here is a transcription…

What I’m what I’m saying is this, you can’t have one law for this, and one law for this. This is what Hitler did. Do you understand?

And what he did was this, it was insidious. He brought in all of these people, he had it so that he had it he, when he wanted to, to destroy everyone that was born with any kind of a defect.

He went to the doctors and the nurses and he says, for the records, this is what he sent out. We need all the information on anyone that was born with a defect, so that we can treat them properly.

Okay, he found all that, even though he had been messing with homosexuality and all that kind of stuff. He found all of those that were in that.

All right, he found all of these that, all of these voices that he had used, and then he destroyed them.

He opened the doors for those from Poland and those different places to come in. Okay. And then what happened is he destroyed them. He slaughtered them, he had them slaughtered.

If you don’t understand what’s going on, and why it’s going on.

All of these things that are coming forth. All of these, open borders, all of these things. It is to destroy the people.

That’s the way the devil works.

It’s demonic. Do you understand?

It is demonic. It is not about caring about you, the devil don’t care about you, all he wants you to do is to die.

And this is a spiritual battle that’s being played out in the physical realm.

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