“When you truly receive GOD’s love, the last thing on your mind is to try to reject somebody else; regardless of what they do”

Kingdom 101. Relationships with Pastor Lonzine Lee – Discipleship session with Lesley Choy

1. Do I have a kingdom relationship with myself?
2. Do I have kingdom standards for my life? Or is there an escape clause, in my thinking? I’ll do this until
3. Do I talk kingdom to myself? Cause you talk to yourself all the time Do you talk kingdom? Or do you talk world? Do you talk defeat?
4. Do I live flesh oriented? Or do I live mind/emotion oriented?
5. What is the tone of my conversation? What is the tone that I use when I have a self-talk? Am I harsh with myself? Am I overly sweet with myself? Or Am I firm?

“It comes from making the decision that you never ever back off from, I’m in this for eternity. There is no escape clause. This is not temporary.”

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The Supernatural Reality Of Heaven On Earth

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