“Tell It Like It Is: The Kingdom Way” hosted by Dr. Bacer J. Baker. The Tabernacle with Apostle Calvin Cook Part 3 – THE LIGHT

“The power was, to think with the Mind of GOD rather than the mind of man”

“Remember, He says, Church, I want you to build My Church. When Nimrod was building he didn’t build with My mind. So what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna raise up a people, give ’em My mind, get ’em in The Light, walk in The Light, build in The Light, increase in The Light, move in The Light, they will extend My Kingdom of Light in the Earth realm, and when they build it, no one will be able to deny, that I was the Builder without hands. I was the One that built this thing!”

He obeyed His Father and He enjoyed obeying His Father… What miracle would it be, if each of our children, or any, or all of us, would walk in obedience and enjoys it?!

It’s the joy of walking in that obedience

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