“We gotta train. We gotta learn GOD in a fresh revelation”

“How people have to respond and understand what’s going on, so that they can get to where they need to get to, in life… Making a transition, to get the Church out of old paradigms, into new ones… The people training the people to be able to handle what’s coming in, we’re talking about Kingdom Finance; Prosperity, Riches, Honor and then Wealth… I believe in the progression… the Discipline – The Bible says, if you’re going to reign with Me, then you also have to suffer with Me”

“We gotta train. We gotta learn GOD in a fresh revelation. We have to have a fresh Holy Spirit revelation of greater dimensions of the Anointing given to each generation that seal our success in serving our generation well… Apostolic Training focuses on renewing the concepts of the minds of GOD’s people. It’s not just helping people to understand principles and the application aspects of the Scriptures, but knowing the underlying thought, and the heart behind, what GOD said, in that circumstance.”

“Still Telling It Like It Is” with Apostle Bacer J. Baker who is a Doctor in Psychology with her guest Apostle Dr. Barry Cook. The Blessing of the Cluster – Part 5

Original Broadcast on the Love & Unity TV Network https://fb.watch/g_FJ-fDx8Q/

Broadcast on YouTube https://youtu.be/XHd8_K0WN14
Broadcast on Telegram. COMMUNION Private Channel https://t.me/c/1129066154/891

Podcast on Anchor https://anchor.fm/communion5779/episodes/Still-Telling-It-Like-It-Is-with-Apostle-Bacer-J–Baker-who-is-a-Doctor-in-Psychology-with-her-guest-Apostle-Dr–Barry-Cook–The-Blessing-of-the-Cluster—Part-5-e1r82m9

Podcast. COMMUNION On Podium https://communion.onpodium.com/episodes/still-telling-it-like-it-is-with-apostle-bacer-j-baker-who-is-a-doctor-in-psychology-with-her-guest-apostle-dr-barry-cook-the-blessing-of-the-cluster-part-5-959

To watch, listen and receive the impartations from “Still Telling It Like It Is” Apostle Bacer J. Baker who is a Doctor in Psychology with her guest Apostle Dr. Barry Cook, a PLAYLIST has been uploaded to YouTube. Please use this LINK “The Blessing is in the Cluster”


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