“What or Who keeps you from being prosperity?”

“Really Telling It Like It Is” Apostle Bacer J. Baker who is a doctor in psychology – What or Who keeps you from being prosperity?”

“Most people don’t even know what GOD has said about them… The moment I start to compare myself with anybody, then I am no longer the original me… As He is so am I, I am, in the Earth… The part of me that He wants to manifest, in the Earth, is the one that I get to be… The Bible says that I’m able to do all the things that are written in me… because of the Christ, because of the Messiah, because of the Messianic One that lives on the inside of me… You and I are to be the Good Samaritans… Why are we to be the Good Samaritans? Because we are Prosperity

There is a false kingdom and there is a righteous kingdom.

In Matthew 6:33… and Luke 12… It says Seek the kingdom of GOD, Seek first the kingdom of GOD

What am I seeking?

Before you do anything else

Don’t worry about this
Don’t worry about this
Don’t worry about this

Read Matthew 6 and you’ll see… This is when I really began to understand that I am prosperity

What am I seeking?
I am seeking to yield to
to recognize
to accept
to depend on
and understand

The Sovereign Will
The Sovereignty
of GOD in my life

What does that mean?

Instead of worrying about all this mess. I am yielding to; I believe You in the first place
I accept what it is that You say
So now I shall yield to, the understanding, that GOD, You are SOVEREIGN

and, that You are outside of time
and, that You placed on the inside of me
everything that was necessary

and, that You knew everything, every day, every moment, every second
that I was going to go through

and Your SOVEREIGNTY has already provided everything in-and-for-and-to-me-that-I-would-need

So I’m already filled with everything that I would ever need

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