“What the Bible says is true”

They’re words of Somebody that cares about me, more than I care about myself. These are words of protection, these are words of things, because God knows what’s already done.

God is not going to do anything else in this Earth. God has done everything that God is going to do. That He said, “It is finished.” He says, “I have done it all”

When you move into the kingdom of God, when you accept Jesus, Yeshua, as your Lord, okay; then, He owns you.

Apostle Dr. Bacer J. Baker

Tuesday Night Chat with Dr. B. Baker (Really Telling It Like It Is) – “What the Bible says is true”

Podcast on Anchor https://anchor.fm/communion5779/episodes/Tuesday-Night-Chat-with-Dr–B–Baker-Really-Telling-It-Like-It-Is—What-the-Bible-says-is-true-enid10

Broadcast on Brighteon https://www.brighteon.com/fb47c92f-6c1f-4ab3-8de3-a35475f4568d

Broadcast on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCFkuDUn7jY&feature=youtu.be

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