“That GOD’s word would be able to go out from a screen, hit a person on the other side of the world, or hit a person in another city, or anywhere, that His word is not bound, that there is no distance, in when the Spirit of GOD goes out… GOD has created you with individual talents. There’s parts that are tweaked on the inside of you, that nobody else has. Just like nobody else has your fingerprints. Just like nobody else has your nose prints. Just like nobody else has your ear prints. Nobody else has your iris. Nobody else has these things! There’s parts of you, your toe prints, all of these things that GOD made unique. And as GOD made these things uniquely in you… there’s that spiritual parenting that let’s you know how valuable you are”

“Really Telling It Like It Is” with Apostle Bacer J. Baker who is a Doctor in Psychology – You are Prosperity. Part 12

“The goal of the kingdom of GOD is to allow everyone to know that they are a spiritual son of THE KING, that they are a spiritual son of GOD… When you know who you are, then, you can walk in true humility, because you know that you are prosperity. You know that you are lacking nothing in you, and so your mind starts to operate in that manner”

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“The Spirit of the Fear of The Lord in You” Apostle Bacer J. Baker’s New Book is available for purchase now

The need to restore honor and reverence of God is paramount in the 21st century Body of Christ. This book takes you on a God-appointed journey to discover what He really means when He instructs us to fear Him. The righteousness, peace, and joy of His Kingdom will flow from the hearts of those who choose to earnestly live in the identity of sonship. Get ready to discover the power of the Spirit of The Fear of The Lord…In You.

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“The Spirit of The Fear of The Lord…In You” by Dr. Bacer J. Baker (Author)

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