“Building in the Spirit causes a deeper level of fellowship”

“When the spiritual atmosphere is saturated with GOD’s presence, the faith level of the people rise… You gotta be a man of God or woman of GOD enough to teach them truth about, “You’re not in control. You can’t control this! So you don’t have to fake it… There’s abundant supply of provisions, new jobs, new freedom, new liberty, new visions and dreams, and general spiritual and physical well being is result when ministries develop and build in the Spirit, and not just in the natural… Building in the Spirit causes a deeper level of fellowship, that you can get to, just by us having dinner together…We’re gonna love ’em… We’re gonna help ’em… It doesn’t matter, we take care… You care just like they’re a relative. They move, you care… They’re in a hospital, you care… That’s fellowship! … When we have a deep level of fellowship over the mission, there’s just this Divine Inner Humility that helps foster relationships”

* The politicians in this nation can only build society, when the church removes the spiritual barriers, when it removes the spiritual barriers in the heavenlies, and it replaces them, and begins to affect them, and have causitives in the region and city. When we touch the spirit world, not only demons recognize it, and move, after a little bit of conflict *

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